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To start modelling, you will need one our subscriptions.
If you are looking to experiment a bit first, we suggest our 3-day Trial Plan that includes the basic functionality.
Once you are ready to come onboard, just choose one our our Monthly subscriptions, Light or Pro. But if you are looking for a bigger and more tailored experience, please get in touch to enquire about our Enterprise package.
To get started, just head over to Settings and click on the Plan tab. Then, just choose the subscription your prefer.
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If you wish to change your subscription, check out how you can do that here ➡️ 
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Our trials are a great way to dip your toe into Kaedim’s 3D world. They allow you to test our software with your own inputs and experiment with our functions.

3-day Trial

This $6 trial gives you 1 generation a day for 3 days.
It includes only the basic 2D to 3D functionality, with low-poly outputs, but shows you what your experience can be like when generating 3D models with us.
Some of the features not included are: High Detail, Edit; and you will have a 20k polycount limit.

Premium Trial

If you are looking to get a good grip on what Kaedim can offer you, we propose this $30 trial for 3 generations, of which 1 is HD.
Here, you have access to all of our functions, 1 high detail generation, 1 iteration and a larger polycount limit (50k). Also, you have no restriction on how many generations you have a day, so you can do all in one day, or go at your own rythm.
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Monthly subscriptions


To fast track your 3D generation pipeline, the Light plan is a great choice. With 30 generations and 10 iterations, you will be able to create all sorts of models, even High Detail ones.
This plan includes high polycount generations, high detail feature and the edit function.


If you have a bigger volume of generations you want to create, perhaps our Pro plan is just what you were looking for.
Here, you have 100 generations and 30 iterations, with all the perks already included in the Light (High Detail, higher polycount generations and the Edit functionality). However, if you have a team, with the Pro plan you can link all of their accounts and start generating together!
Yearly subscription
You can have an yearly subscription in both Light and the Pro plan, and it comes with lots of advantages
  • You can carry over unused credits for 12 months
  • You receive a 10% discount and 20% more generations


This is the place to run your company on your terms.
You will be able to tailor your account and credits to your needs, link all of your team’s accounts and receive premium support. And, to speed up the process, you’ll get access to parallel processing so that you don’t have to wait for one generation to create a new one.
Finally, you’ll be the first to have access to new functions and even have custom features to improve your experience.
To know more and get a quote, just reach out here.

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