The Create page is where you upload your requests, it can be found at https://www.app.kaedim3d.com/create, or simply by clicking the + Create tab at the navigation bar of the web app.
Whether it’s a sketch, a photo, or a concept piece; upload a 2D image to get the process started.

In a nutshell

If you have multiple views of your object, you can upload up to 6 images.
You can set an upper limit for the Polycount for the output, to determine the fidelity of the generated 3D model. There is the option to label your request as High Detail for a more accurate generation (usually takes twice as long), by checking the corresponding box.
Additionally, we have added a Parametric Scaling feature. If you require your models to maintain specific scales, please input the height in centimeters of your model.
Finally, you can click on the Remove Bg button to automatically remove the background of your image if it is too noisy or not monochrome.
When all the settings look good to you, go ahead and press Generate.
notion image

What happens next

Processing takes an average of 15 minutes at the moment, so hang tight while your model is generating!
You can always submit more than one input, one after the other without waiting for the first one to finish generating.
All generated 3D models pass from our Quality Control pipeline that might also involve our human QC team in order to make sure that they are meeting our quality standards.

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