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About Us

At Kaedim, we help game studios scale and accelerate their 3D teams with our 3D model generation pipeline. We go from image to model in just minutes, saving your team hours of modeling time.
To get up and running quickly, check out our demo.

Use Cases

Since our generation pipeline isn't fully autonomous yet, we are primarily targeting enterprise customers and have tailored our plans accordingly. We're aiming to release a fully autonomous version of the product in 2024, at which point we will be able to support a consumer version of Kaedim. See How it Works for more on the current state of the Kaedim pipeline.

How We Do It

Kaedim's pipeline uses a combination of machine learning and a team of in-house artists to refine outputs and guarantee optimal quality. This refinement process also trains our models to provide better outputs in the future. It's a ML-human feedback loop that results in high-quality models 10x faster than traditional modelling processes.
To learn more about how our technology and pipeline work together, check out the How It Works section.

Table of Contents

Web App
Dev Logs
Web App
3D Studio
API Page
Web Hooks
Dev Logs

Here to Support 3D Artists

Kaedim's ultimate goal is to help 3D teams accelerate and grow their capacity to create 3D models. We have designed our product specifically with 3D game artists in mind and continue to iterate based on their feedback.
  • Ease of use - All you need is a 2D image (photo, sketch, or concept art) and we’ll generate your 3D model
  • Export anywhere - Download your 3D model and use it in your favorite 3D modelling software. We support obj, fbx, glb, gltf, usd, and mtl formats for download
  • Privacy guaranteed - Any IP you upload to our platform is 100% safe. All data is encrypted for extra security
  • 24/7 support - We offer real-time support on our Discord community, night or day
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