Combine is a tool you can use when you want to combine your pre-existing asset with a new object.
First, you will need to upload or generate an image of the object you want to attach to the model.
If you want to generate an image, write a descriptive prompt of what the image should look like and press Generate. The generated image you end up submitting must abide by the Input Guidlines as such make sure to give the correct prompts! (Make sure there are no multiple objects in the image by using singular nouns e.g. ‘flower’ not ‘flowers’ etc.)
Once you have pressed Generate, you will have to wait for the text-to-image algorithm to finish processing your request and return an image.
Please be patient as this process usually takes a minute or two! ☕
When the process is over your image will be displayed in the placeholder below:
After your image has been generated or while it is generating, you will additionally need to provide an edit description in order for your submission to go through.
In the edit description, you will need to specify how exactly the object will need to be combined with your original model as seen in the example above.
Please be as specific as possible in order to make sure we can fulfil your exact request.
Once you have submitted, you will need to wait for the processing of your request to finish.
Here is an example of what the combine feature is capable of. Given the pre-existing asset below:
Much like before, we generate an image of a flower and give instructions to attach it anywhere on the head.
After the combining process is done, our model has a brand new flower on its head. Nice!