Fill Tool

Colour Fill Tool in action
Here you can apply colours to separate meshes of your model. There are plenty of ways to select a colour:
  • Use our colour palette
  • Enter the hexadecimal or RGB value of your colour of choice
  • Get the colours from your sample image by activating ‘Sample from image’
To colour a mesh, click on the part of the mesh that you want to add colour to and then pick a colour using any of the provided methods.Repeat the process until you have coloured all the meshes you want. By selecting the Multiple mesh option, you can select as many meshes as you want and then colour them all at once
Additionally, you can select from different texturing materials
  • Metallic
  • Glossy
  • Transparent
  • Matte
  • Mirror
  • More to be added soon!
Finally don't forget to click save!