Iterate Model

This feature was designed to ensure that you can use every output generated through our platform. Iteration allows you to further refine your results so that you can get closer to your desired output.
This tool is currently operated by our Quality Control team and it’s a manual step in our pipeline. With the help of customer feedback, we were able to create a win-win situation where:
  • You can get even closer to your vision for the model
  • We integrate feedback into our algorithms to continually enhance their performance

How it Works:

To begin editing the model of your choice, you can either access it through the dashboard or the Assets page. Next, simply click the "Open 3D Studio" button located on the asset card. Under Editing, you'll find Iterate Model.
Next, describe your desired modification via the text input, and press "Confirm". You can also draw on the image by clicking Draw to show us exactly what you would like to alter. We will edit your model and return the iterated version within a few minutes.
Point out specific areas to iterate using the Draw tool
After your iteration request is completed, you will still have access to all the older versions of the model. You can find them under History in the Asset page's card view.

Iteration Guidelines:

When requesting an iteration, please make sure to avoid the following:
❌ Vague requests (e.g. "Add more detail"). These won't be dismissed, but the detail might not be where or how you want it
❌ Requesting different poses for previously generated models
❌ Requesting colors or textures to be applied
❌ Requesting imaginary objects

Examples of Invalid Edit Descriptions:

  • Edit requesting imaginary objects:
    • Requesting details (or objects) not present in the original reference image.
  • Edit requesting a different pose (e.g. T-pose) for generated models:
    • Requesting a change in the pose of a generated asset will be dismissed. If you want a figure or animal posed in a specific way, please request the generation using image(s) with the object in the desired pose.
If you have iterated your model two to three times and remain unsatisfied, we encourage you to get in touch with us through discord or email to see how we can help [email protected]