Our Focus

This tool was created to make sure that you can use 100% of the outputs generated through our platform. This way you can get results as close as possible to what you want.
This feature is currently operated by our Quality Control team and it’s a manual step in our pipeline. We came up with the feature from customer feedback as a win-win situation where:
  • You get any faults fixed
  • We get feedback for incorporating into our algorithms as we upgrade them.
How it works
You open the model you want to edit either on the dashboard or on the asset library and click the Open 3D Studio button in the asset card. After, you’ll need to select the option shown below:
Then, please describe the modification you want through text input, and press Confirm. You can even draw on the area you would like to alter. We will edit your model and return the iterated version within a couple of minutes.
Please note that the iteration can only be described using text and drawings on the image. You can not change the polycount and/or add images to your requests
After your iteration request is completed, all the older versions of the model will also be accessible. You can go through them using the arrows at the sides of the model.

Edit / Iteration guidelines:

When requesting an iteration please make sure to avoid the following:
❌ Vague requests (for example: "add more detail") won't get dismissed but the detail might not be where and how you wanted it to be.
❌ Requesting imaginary objects
❌ Requesting different poses for already generated models
❌ Requesting for colours or textures to be applied

Examples of invalid edit descriptions:

  • Edit requesting imaginary objects:
    • Requesting details or objects not present in the original reference image.
  • Edit requesting T pose/ different pose for generated models:
    • Requesting a change in the pose of a generated asset will be dismissed. If you want a figure or animal posed in a specific way please request the generation using image(s) with it posed.
If you have iterated your model two-three times and are still unhappy with it, we recommend you reach out to us through discord or email to see how we can help