Merge Meshes

Merge meshes is a tool you can use when you want to merge multiple (or all) meshes of your model into one.
On the UI for Merge, we can see the following:
  • On the right hand side, you can see a list of each mesh present in our 3D model
  • On the top-left side, you can see the confirmation modal for the function
In order to use the Merge feature you will need to select a mesh. To select a mesh you can either click its name on the list or click it directly on the 3D model.
When a mesh has been selected, it highlights like so:
In the image above we have selected 3 meshes, the selection of which can be seen in:
  • The “Number of selected meshes” increasing to 3/45
  • The list of meshes on the right where the respective mesh names have been highlighted
In order to use this feature we will need to select at least 2 meshes and press submit.By clicking “Select All” we can select all meshes and submit them. (”Clear” de-selects all selected meshes instead). Once we press submit, a new iteration of our model is created. By navigating to its Fullscreen View and back into the Merge feature:
We can now see that our meshes have all been merged into one!
We can repeat this process for any number of meshes. If you don’t wanna go through the hassle of clicking on the meshes you want to merge, you can use our automatic grouping function by flipping this switch and pressing submit: