Levels of Quality

The Generation Type depends on the complexity of your model. Simple models can be created using the "Standard" option. If you have a more complex model, or would prefer a higher fidelity generation, select "High" or "Ultra".

Click on "Compare qualities" to open a pop-up with 3D viewers for each of the different quality levels.

Standard Quality

Standard has a base poly count setting of 30,000. This is best for simple models that do not contain large amounts of detail.

High Quality

High has a base poly count setting of 100,000 polys. This is best for more intricate models that require finer detail.

Ultra Quality

Ultra has a base poly count setting of 300,000 polys. This works best for complex models that need to capture the most detail possible.

If you're creating a hero character or a key asset, we recommend choosing the Ultra generation quality.

Comparing the Levels of Quality:

Please allow enough time for your asset to be generated and remember that our software does not process real humans, real animals, complex vegetation, nor inappropriate imagery.

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