Creating a Prototype Asset

Prototype assets only output 3D geometry. These assets are untextured but can be upgraded to Game-ready to add high quality textures and rigs. Using the settings found in the Create page, you can customise your 3D outputs accordingly.

Generation Settings

This will be the name of your asset. You can rename your asset at any time.

You can set the height of your asset here. Width and depth will be scaled proportionally.

We offer 3 levels of quality for Prototype assets: Standard, High, and Ultra. The level of quality you choose will determine how much detail is captured in your 3D asset.

The max polycount determines the density of your polygons and the amount of detail that will be captured.

You can apply tags to your asset to help you categorise and filter your asset for easy searching in the Assets page.

Levels of Quality

The recommended generation quality depends on the complexity of your model. Simple models can be created using the "Standard" option. If you have a more complex model, or would prefer a higher fidelity generation, select "High" or "Ultra".

Click on "Compare qualities" to open a pop-up with 3D viewers for each of the different quality levels.

Standard Quality

Standard has a base poly count setting of 30,000. This is best for simple models that do not contain large amounts of detail.

High Quality

High has a base poly count setting of 100,000 polys. This is best for more intricate models that require finer detail.

Ultra Quality

Ultra has a base poly count setting of 300,000 polys. This works best for complex models that need to capture the most detail possible.

If you're creating a hero character or a key asset, we recommend using the Game-ready pipeline.

Comparing the Levels of Quality:

Please allow enough time for your asset to be generated and remember that our software does not process real humans, real animals, complex vegetation, nor inappropriate imagery.

Processing Time

The processing time on your 3D generations can vary depending on generation quality and the plan you're on:

QualityPriority 1Priority 2Priority 3No priority


~ 20 min.





~ 40 min.





~ 80 min.




Priority processing

The times vary between plans due to priority processing. Higher plans such as Enterprise and Studio will have higher priority, which means generations will be pushed to the top of the queue.

Currently, plans on Indie or lower do not have priority processing.

Generation times can also vary depending on how busy the platform is.

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