Quick Start

How to create your first 3D asset with Kaedim.

Welcome to Kaedim! This is a guide on how to create your first 3D asset from a 2D image. We're excited to see what you create!

1. Choose an Asset Type

To get started, head over to the Create page and choose an Asset type. You can choose between 6 different asset types. Learn about them here.

2. Upload your image(s)

Once you've chosen an asset type, you can then upload images onto the left upload box. You can upload up to 6 images of the same object in different views.

Please make sure to read our input guidelines to ensure the best results.

You can also generate an image using DALL-E using the Text to 2D feature on the bottom. Simply describe the image you'd like to create and click Generate Image. This does not cost any credits.

3. Customise your generation settings

You will then be able to customise the generation settings, which can be found on the right-hand side of the app.

For Prototype assets, please see Prototype Generation Settings for an overview of each input field.

For Game-ready assets, please see Game-Ready Generation Settings.

4. Click "Generate"

After checking your images and settings, you can then click Generate and your asset will start processing.

5. Revisions

Once your asset is finished processing, you can request revisions in the Assets page. See how to request revisions here.

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