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Input Guidelines

Asset Creation Guidelines
In order to get the most out of the Kaedim Platform, we have some guidelines on the types of images we accept for processing, as well as what will most likely get dismissed.

Valid Images

At Kaedim, we are focused on creating individual models (primarily for hard surface objects) used to populate games and the Metaverse.


✅ Single object - Please make sure your image illustrates a single object.

  • Requests of scenes involving multiple objects will be dismissed.
  • Characters with a lot of accessories or armor will have to be passed separately from their attachments. Learn more at Characters
  • When using multiple images, they must all be of the same object but from angles. Learn more at Single vs Multiple Images

✅ White background - Your object needs to have a white or monochrome background.

✅ Photo/Art/Sketch - Your 2D input can be a photo of an object, a piece of concept art, or a sketch (pencil, pen, or paper).

✅ Clear - The object should be clearly visible in the foreground of the image. Avoid blurry images.

Invalid and Tricky Inputs

Below are some examples of image requests that may not be processed:

❌ Real humans

Due to the lack of 3D data for realistic humans, this is a category we are not yet servicing. If you upload a selfie, it will be dismissed. However, cartoon-like characters and anthropomorphic creatures will be generated.

❌ Inappropriate imagery

This includes any nude or sexual content, offensive imagery, blood and gore, etc. Any images of this type will be automatically dismissed.

⚠️ Text

Since text is not inherently a 3D object, it may not be processed. However, if the image primarily features an object with some lettering on it, that should be acceptable.

⚠️ Multiple objects in one image

Our focus is on creating individual objects. If you submit an image with multiple objects, it likely won't be processed. If you have multiple objects, separate them and pass them as individual requests.

⚠️ Hero Assets

Complex characters that wear a lot of clothing and accessories will probably not get processed. We encourage you to separate the different accessories as much as possible. Clothes, armor, accessories, etc. should be as separated into individual requests. Learn more at Characters

⚠️ Real animals

Unfortunately, there's a lack of 3D data for realistic animals, but we encourage you to give it a try. Usually the output will be a simplified version (without fur, missing details, etc.)

⚠️ Foliage

A realistic full-grown tree will probably get dismissed. However, plant life that is less complex and/or stylized should be work.
Feel free to experiment with various inputs. You might be surprised by our software's capability!
Please refrain from uploading any inputs that contain personal information or identifiable details such as passports, ID cards, or addresses.
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