Generate Image

With our latest text to 2D feature, you can seamlessly go from an idea to a 2D image that you like and transform it into 3D, all within the Kaedim platform.

On the Create page, describe the image you want to generate in the text box and click "Generate Image."

Generating images do not cost any credits.

You will notice your image is generated without a background, this is so our software can easily convert the 2D image into a 3D object.

If you are not satisfied with the generated image, you can rewrite your prompt or click "Regenerate Image" to get another variation of your generated prompt.

If you change your mind and want to upload images instead, simply delete your generated image using the trash icon.

Once you are happy with your generated image, you can then fill in the rest of the Generation Settings (Name, Max poly count, Height, and Generation Quality) and click "Generate."

If you'd like to save the image for a later generation instead, click the bookmark icon.

Your generated image will be saved in your Assets page. When you click on the image in the Assets page, you will be directed back to the Create page with the generated image as the input image.

For this feature, we are using OpenAI’s DALLE.

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