New User

To sign into your new Kaedim account, visit which will display the following ➑️ Input your email and password here to sign in.

You now have access to the app ⬇️

Upon login, the first page that you see is the Assets page. There, you'll be able to find all your completed and processing generations.

Click on 🎨Create to build your first 3D asset!

If you get an error message saying your account has not been verified, have a look at the verification section in the Sign-up page, or contact us via email at

Returning User

If you are a returning user, this is what you should expect your dashboard to look like. ➑️

Upon login, you will see your dashboard, our demo video, the link to join our Discord, settings, and your recently created assets.

After clicking on an asset, the card view will open up. From here, you can see the different stages of your asset, request revisions, or approve stages.

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