Web App

Welcome to Kaedim's Web App 🎉

At Kaedim, we have built Machine Learning algorithms that turn 2D art into 3D content.
With our web app, we enable artists and game devs to quickly prototype, create and iterate their 3D art, in a cost-effective way.
For a quick demo video please see here.

Getting your 3D team ready for the future

This is what we offer:
🍰 Easy - All you need is a 2D image (photo, sketch or concept art) and we’ll return your 3D model, all online.
📥 Export anywhere - Download your 3D model and use it in your favourite 3D modelling software. We support obj, fbx, glb, gltf and mtl formats for download.
🔒 Privacy guaranteed - Any IP you upload to our platform is 100% yours. Our data is also encrypted for extra security.
⏰ 24/7 Processing