Asset Card View

The Asset card view gives you more details and information about your 3D generation.

First, hover over an asset. This will open a popup that includes the quality, polycount, and height of your model.

Here, you can either click "Edit in 3D Studio" to open the asset in the 3D Studio, or you can click on the expand icon to learn more about your asset.

The expanded view will show you more details about your model, such as input images, input prompt (if you used our text to 2D feature), and any iterations made on your model.

Upgrade your model

If you've generated a model in Standard or High quality, you will have the option to upgrade it to a higher quality. Simply click the "Upgrade to ..." button at the top of the asset card view and choose the quality you'd like to upgrade to.

Edit your model

Click "Iterate" to make any edits to your model.

Use the pencil tool to encircle any parts that need editing, then describe the changes you want to make using the text box. You can also upload an image (as seen below) to add onto your model.

Once your edit has finished processing, you will find the new version in the card view. Click on a version to view it in the 3D preview.

You can delete a specific version of your model by clicking on the 3-dot icon found on the right.

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