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The Kaedim API is used for seamless integrations of the Kaedim software into internal 3D modelling pipelines, as well as for integrations with user-facing applications that allow user-generated content.

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Unlock the power of 3D User Generated Content

We make integrating 3D User Generated Content into your game or app easy! We do this by leveraging Webhooks.

New requests generated by your users (like sketches, photos, and concept art) are immediately sent to your Webhook.

Getting your 3D game ready for the future

Within your app, enable your players to upload their images and create 3D content for customizing and populating digital worlds.

Accessible to everyone - Zero 3D modelling knowledge required.

Variety of inputs - We support 2D photos, sketches, and concept art as inputs.

For developers, by developers - Our API makes it fast and easy to integrate and build great products.

For help and more information about onboarding, get in touch with us here.

Interested in accelerating your in-house 3D team? Take a look at our Web App.

Want to get started ASAP? Email support@kaedim3d.com

Kaedim is now accepting applications for our 12-week pilot program

We offer a 12-week pilot that lets you train Kaedim's AI on your own requirements to optimize for the outputs your stakeholders expect β€”without the costs of long term commitments.

  • Contract a trained model with Kaedim's AI with no commitment to buy at the end of the pilot

  • Engage Kaedim's machine learning engineers to identify the parts of your operation best suited for automation

  • Review your overall 3D production strategy with an expert team to decide how to move forward

  • Work with our experienced customer support engineering team to onboard the technology and integrate it into your existing pipeline

  • Enjoy 24-hour support and the security of knowing you have a team of experts at your disposal for guidance

  • Established protocol for daily feedback to foster iterative improvement and model optimization

  • Access to personalized resources, including documentation and best practices

If you’re interested in automation and how it can improve your throughput goals, complete this form to get a quote for your project: Kaedim Pilot Program Information Request

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