API Page

The Kaedim API is used for seemless integrations of the Kaedim software into internal 3D modelling pipelines as well as for integrations with user-facing applications for allowing User Generated Content.
Table of Contents
Web Hooks

Unlock the power of 3D User Generated Content

We make integrating 3D User Generated Content in your game or app easy! We do this by using Webhooks.
New requests generated by your users, like sketches, photos and concept art, are immediately sent to your Webhook.

Getting your 3D game ready for the future

Within your app, enable your players to upload their images and create 3D content for customising and populating digital worlds.
Accessible to everyone - Zero 3D modelling knowledge required.
Variety of inputs - We support 2D photos, sketches and concept art inputs.
For developers, by developers - Our API makes it fast and easy to integrate and build great products.
For help and more information about onboarding, get in touch with us here. Interested in accelerating your in-house 3D team? Take a look at our Web App.
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