Working On

🔗 Text to 3D

We are currently working on a new solution to allow you to generate AI art through out web-app which you can then generate a 3D asset of.
notion image

🎨 Texturing Tool

Based on extreme demand, we are also preparing to release our BETA for automatic texturing, giving everyone the ability to generate the texturing on top of the geometry. Coming soon, sneak peek here 👀

🖇️ New plugins

We are currently working on lots of new plugins.We are developing an Unreal Engine and Unity plugin for the best gaming graphics. And, we are also working on an Omniverse and a Blender plugin for seamless integrations.We can't wait to see the 3D generations that come out of these! 🎉

🖼️ Background removal

Do you want to submit something to turn into 3D, but it has a background? With this integration, we would remove it for you and process your generation.However, we are still thinking about it. So your feedback will be crucial for us to decide if you would like this function or not! 🤔 💭

⏱️ Detail Capture and Time

We value your time and want you to have your generation as fast as possible, so we strive to always upgrade our algorithm to make it faster and faster.We are also working on improving our accuracy and detail. Apparently, AI doesn't always get it perfect. 🤷