Working On

🌇 Scenes

This new feature will enable users to upload images of entire scenes and generate them in one go, providing a serious upgrade to our "single objects" input rule. These scenes will be fully editable and customizable, allowing you to stage your 3D models all within Kaedim. We are also working on a feature that lets you combine together existing Kaedim assets in a new scene.
Sample input image for the scenes feature

🗂️ Queue Organization

We are working on a new feature to let users change the order in which their assets are generated while they are still in the queue. This will be helpful with batch generating or if you need certain assets sooner.

🏷️ Kaedim Marketplace

We're currently working on launching a Marketplace that will allow you to showcase your assets to the Kaedim community, as well as browse and download creations from fellow members. We are so excited to see all the amazing assets you'll create and share!

💭 Trial Version

We are always looking for ways to make Kaedim more accessible. We're happy to note that we are developing a trial version for everyone who would like to see what Kaedim has to offer before committing to a plan.

✏️ Custom Styles

Set up assets fully customized for your use case. We are releasing the "Styles" feature for all plans. This feature allows you to fine-tune outputs based on production specifications, ensuring all your generated 3D assets fit within your unique art style.

🤝 Team functionality

If you're part of a team or studio, we're working on adding an easier way for you to collaborate with your peers. Invite collaborators to your workspace and organize your team with roles like Super Admin, Admin, and User.

⏱️ More Quality, Less Time

We are continuously iterating on our algorithms to achieve a higher amount of details captured from image to 3D model, as well as reducing the turnaround time so that you can download your outputs faster!

🚀 Released

🔗 Text to 3D

We have developed a solution that enables you to generate AI art directly within our web app, which can then be used to generate a 3D asset. Frictionless!

🎨 Texturing Tool

In response to overwhelming demand, we have launched our automatic texturing. This allows everyone to generate textures seamlessly atop their 3D geometry.
Learn how to utilize the texturing feature:

🖇️ New Plugins

We have released an Unreal Engine and a Unity plugin for the best gaming graphics. In addition, we've added Omniverse and Blender plugins for seamless integrations. We can't wait to see the 3D generations created with the help of these new plugins! 🎉