Text to 3D

❗Only offered on request

If you would like to enable this feature, please get in touch with [email protected]
With our latest functionality, you are able to go from text to 2D to 3D all in one place.
Video example of Text to 3D feature in action
In order to get started go to the Create page.
Once in the create page, go to input and select ‘text’.
This will make a text box appear where you can input your prompt to generate your 2D image.
Write your prompt and click generate image to get an AI made 2D image. You will notice your image is generated without background, this is so our software can generate it into 3D.
If you are not satisfied with the generated Image you can either re-write your prompt or click on Regenerate Image to get a variation of your generated prompt.
Once you are happy with your generated image, you can then fill in the rest of the Generations Settings (Name, Max Polycount, Height & Generation Quality) and click generate to commence processing your image.
Once you click Generate your asset will start queuing and begin processing
Once your asset is generated you will be able to see it on the right-hand side of the screen
You can also open your generated model in full view and access many of our functionalities with our 3D viewer by clicking ‘Open editor’