Web Hooks

Creating a webhook endpoint is the same as creating any other page on your website. It’s an HTTP or HTTPS endpoint on your server with a URL. Please ensure that your endpoint is HTTPS when setting it up.

Set up an HTTP endpoint on your server that can accept webhook requests with a POST method. For example, this UR route in Flask maps to a Python webhook function: How do I receive webhook data?

  1. Authenticate a user (Authentication Flow)

  2. Make sure your webhook URL is correct

πŸŽ‰ That’s it!

Webhook Signing

Kaedim will, in all requests made to your webhook, include a header kaedim-signature, which will contain a hash value unique to the request and developer ID.

The signature secret - KAEDIM SECRET - can be found in user settings next to your developer ID and API-key and can be reset at any time.

Make sure to use utf-8 encoding for the payload, and to use HEX digest for the hashing function

Example of a Node.js signature verification:

const secret = "Api-Secret"; 
const payload = JSON.stringify(response.body);
const devID = response.body.results.devID;
const signature = JSON.parse(response.headers["kaedim-signature"]);
/* {
Β  t : 1235678,
Β  v1:80e62bdd6bddf54905d3cd6e13940626e16aedd....
const checkSignature = crypto
  .createHmac("sha256", secret)

if (
  ) {
    // Authenticity confirmed
  } else {
    // Reject response
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