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The Kaedim Unity plugin can be found on Github

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the Scripts/KaedimPlugin.cs file from the Github link above

  1. In your Unity Project, create a folder named Plugins under Assets if it does not already exist

  2. Under your Plugins folder, place the KaedimPlugin.cs file you just downloaded. Now, when you run your Project, the KaedimPlugin will automatically be built

Usage Guide:

  1. You can find the Plugin under Window β†’ Kaedim Plugin

  1. Once you open the panel, you’ll see a page to enter your credentials. You will want to enter your Dev ID and API Key found on your Kaedim profile at

  1. You will now be able to view your available assets, or upload a new picture to generate new assets

  2. Within the "Load Assets" panel, you can click individual asset names to download their corresponding 3D models

  1. The downloaded models can be found under your Assets folder. They can be imported into your Unity Scene from there

  1. You can upload new pictures to generate assets from the "Upload Asset" page. Make sure the image you choose follows our Input Guidelines. You can view the progress of your new asset on the web portal

  1. You can view further details about how the plugin is running in the Console Panel

Kaedim is now accepting applications for our 12-week pilot program

We offer a 12-week pilot that lets you train Kaedim's AI on your own requirements to optimize for the outputs your stakeholders expect β€”without the costs of long term commitments.

  • Contract a trained model with Kaedim's AI with no commitment to buy at the end of the pilot

  • Engage Kaedim's machine learning engineers to identify the parts of your operation best suited for automation

  • Review your overall 3D production strategy with an expert team to decide how to move forward

  • Work with our experienced customer support engineering team to onboard the technology and integrate it into your existing pipeline

  • Enjoy 24-hour support and the security of knowing you have a team of experts at your disposal for guidance

  • Established protocol for daily feedback to foster iterative improvement and model optimization

  • Access to personalized resources, including documentation and best practices

If you’re interested in automation and how it can improve your throughput goals, complete this form to get a quote for your project: Kaedim Pilot Program Information Request

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