Manual Fill Colour

Only available for Prototype assets.

Once you reach the texturing stage for a Prototype asset, you will have the option to use the Fill Colour tool to colour your asset.

Once you click on "Manual fill colour," the fill colour tool will open up on the left panel.

Here, you can apply colours to each of your model's meshes. There are plenty of ways to select a color:

  • Use our colour palette

  • Enter the hexadecimal or RGB values of your desired colour

  • Get exact colours from your sample image or uploaded image by clicking anywhere on the input image


To colour a mesh, pick a colour using any of the provided methods. Then, click on the part of the mesh that you want to add the colour to. The mesh will be highlighted with a light red outline.

Repeat the process until you have applied colour to all the desired meshes.

Additionally, you can select from different texturing materials:

  • Metallic

  • Matte

  • Glossy

  • Transparent

  • Mirror

  • Glossy Metal

Your recent colours will be added under the slider, so that you can easily select a previously used colour.

Image Sampling

To sample from your image, clcik anywhere on your input image to select a colour.

Next, click on a mesh to apply the selected colour.

You can also upload a different image to colour pick from using the "Upload another" button.

To reset your colouring, simply click "Reset."

Once you click "Save," your coloured model will be saved as a version under the texturing stage.

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