Custom Syles

Our Custom Styles feature is only available for Enterprise customers at the moment.
If you would like to enquire about a custom-trained branch of our algorithm for your project please get in touch with [email protected]
Once you get access to the feature on the Kaedim app, you can follow the steps below to upload the prepared data:
Custom Style (SBX) in action
You can custom train our algorithms to your specific style and specifications using our New Project feature. To begin training, navigate to the New Project section on your Asset page.
When you get to the 'Create Project' page, you should upload all materials related to the style of your assets, including any specifications, inspirations, or storyboards.
Next, upload all existing 3D models that reflect the target output style. These models will be used to fine-tune a private branch of our model and for all generations under this project.
Finally, you can invite team members, who are not signed up, to start collaborating on this project through Kaedim.
To start training, simply click on "initialize" and allow up to 48 hours for our team to set up any requirements and train our algorithms.
Examples of model output based on a trained project for voxelised outputs:
If you would like to custom-train a branch of our algorithm for your specific style please get in touch with [email protected]