Poly Count

What is a poly count?

Poly counts refer to the number of polygons or triangles that make up your 3D model. The poly count is a measure of the detail and complexity of a 3D model.

For standard requests, the default poly count is 30,000. This default varies depending on the generation quality selected. We support poly count ranges from as low as 500 up to 200,000.

When selecting the number of polygons, keep in mind that you are effectively restricting or maximizing the object's level of detail.

If you are submitting a detailed object with a low poly count, then expect most of that detail to be lost. Higher poly counts will result in higher detail.

How many polys should my 3D model be?

While the default value is 30,000 your needs might require a different poly count. Less polygons means a smaller file size and less processing power to render those 3D objects.

  • For mobile and casual games you want lower poly counts

  • For AA games, AAA games, or e-commerce you want higher poly counts (e.g. 50,000 - 100,000)

By using the poly count field, we can guarantee that the generated 3D model will not exceed that setting by more than 5%.

Please note that if you set a low poly count (e.g. 3,000) details might be excluded. Increasing the poly count is one way to make sure that more detail is captured, but the most efficient way to achieve more detail is through Levels of Quality.

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