Polycount Setting

The default setting for the polycount is 30,000 for Standard Requests. This default varies depending on the Generation quality selected. However, we support polycount ranges from as low as 500 up to 200,000.
When selecting the number of polygons, keep in mind that you are effectively restricting or allowing detail correspondingly.
In a nutshell, if you are submitting a detailed object with a low polycount, then expect most of that detail to be lost. So, higher detail → higher polycount.

Some More Information

The default value is 30,000 but based on what you are developing you may have a specific polycount limit:
  • for mobile and casual games and anything you want to run on mobile, you want to go lower
  • for AA or AAA as well as e-commerce, you probably should go in the high numbers (50,000 - 100,000)
By inputting your limit at the polycount field we can guarantee that the model you will get back will not exceed it by more than 5%.Please note that if you set a low polycount limit (i.e. 3,000), details might be excluded if doesn't fit in that polycount.Increasing the polycount is one way to make sure more detail is captured, but the most efficient way to achieve that is through Levels of Quality